CloudLinux OS

The only commercially supported Linux operating system optimized for hosting.

cPanel® Servers

  • Monthly$16
  • 1 Year$150

Non-cPanel Servers

  • 1 Year$250
*CloudLinux OS licenses do not include cPanel & WHM® License
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What makes using cPanel with CloudLinux great?

Using cPanel with CloudLinux OS provides hosting companies and data centers with the only commercially-supported Linux operating system optimized for their needs, ensuring spikes in resource usage won’t take down an entire server. Together, we have unified our licensing systems, integrated direct support, and made it easy for customers to use cPanel with CloudLinux OS.

Improves stability by limiting the resources any single user can consume

In shared hosting, the most common reason for downtime is a single account slowing down other accounts on the server. Using cPanel & WHM with CloudLinux OS utilizes innovative Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE) technology which improves the density and stability of your shared hosting environment for all tenants.

Increased server efficiency

By monitoring and containing resource spikes, CloudLinux OS eliminates the need to leave server resources idle, providing you the ability to host twice as many accounts on your cPanel & WHM server.

Admin interface within cPanel and WHM to easily manage account usage

Within cPanel and WHM, CloudLinux OS gives you and your clients the visibility and accessibility to see and control the exact resource usage of each website.

Transparent to both the administrator and end user

Because LVE is a kernel-level technology, it’s lightweight and transparent.